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Why Rental

Shape the future of retail by offering pay-per-wear fashion

Take advantage of one of the fastest-growing areas of the fashion market and offer your customers easy sustainability. A pay-per-wear model gives you access to a generation of new consumers.

Booming customer demand

The way the world consumes is changing - change with it

By 2030 the UK fashion rental market will be worth £1.5bn. Customers are demanding more from retailers: more flexibility, more sustainability and, more affordability. A pay-per-wear model lets you access new customers and increase engagement with existing customers.

Profit maximise

Profit again, and again, and again. Reap the rewards of rental

A pay-per-wear model can generate 7x more profit per item than selling at RRP, with products being rented up to 30 times.  It also provides a sustainable and financially superior alternative to discount retailing.

Image showing the rental data Zoa can provide, including revenue, top performing products, weekly trends plus many more data points.

Valuable insight

Deepen your understanding of customer behaviour and product performance

We believe in the power of data; that’s why we deliver invaluable analytics, allowing you to track performance, understand customer behaviour, generate product insight, and grow your rental offering.

Lead on sustainability

Combat the take-make-waste model and reduce overconsumption

Position as a leader in sustainability, and help consumers reduce their fashion carbon footprint by offering them an alternative to ownership. By facilitating the sharing of “worn-once” items, we can reduce carbon emissions per wear by up to 87%.

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