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Rental Operations

We do the circular work for you

We offer a fully managed service including specialist rental operations, so you can leave warehousing, fulfilment, transport, cleaning and even repairs to us.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Tech Nation Rising Stars Winner


High-tech warehousing and fulfilment

Purpose-built rental warehouse facility, with sophisticated technology and expert operators capable of fulfilling thousands of orders per day.


Cutting-edge sustainable cleaning

Innovative and eco-friendly Ozone cleaning process designed with sustainability at the heart, eliminating bacteria and ensuring that every item arrives in pristine condition.


Lifetime-extending repairs

Highly-experienced textile experts extend the lifetime of items through repairs, ensuring that rental value is maximised, and driving sustainable outcomes.

Innovation at the heart of operations

RFID chipped stock

Real-time accurate data on stock availability, utilisation and location.

Ozone cleaning chambers

Medical-grade cleaning eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without the need for hot water.

Zero waste policy

All waste and by-products from cleaning to packaging are re-used with zero going to landfill.

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