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We recommend starting with at least 50 styles in order to provide a wide enough selection to customers, though there is flexibility on this depending on the type of stock and collection. We would recommend having a full size range on each style, with extra depth in the sizes that are expected to be most popular. Further styles can easily be added over time.

Selecting the right stock is important to a successful rental offer, and Zoa will advise on this. We use data and experience to guide selection, including direction on the most appropriate size breakdowns, styles, materials, and colour depending on your unique rental proposition.

The stock remains under your ownership, and therefore you have full discretion over what to do with it at its end-of-life. The most popular options include listing for sale on a pre-loved section of your site, sending it to charity (e.g. Thrift+), sending it to recycling, or having it returned to you. 

Damage to items is often easy to repair, and our specialist operations partner has expertise in maximising the lifespan of stock. In most cases the repair can be carried out in a cost effective way. You have the option to offer customers an anti-damage waiver on each item (for a fee), which can then be used to fund minor repairs. In the rare event that an item is damaged extensively and cannot be repaired, you would have the option to recharge the customer.

This will vary by the type of item, but we typically expect items to be rented between 20-30 times over their life.

Cutting edge eco-friendly cleaning processes are used in order to minimise the environmental impact, and we are always looking for ways to further improve this. Processes used include Ozone technology and wet cleaning which both use minimal water, energy and chemicals. 100% of cleaning by-products are reused and nothing goes to landfill.

We charge a commission per rental. Please get in touch with us to discuss pricing.

We have built the Zoa platform to be as simple as possible to use, and therefore no technology integration is required at all. 

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