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Blanqo: The New Premium Skiwear Rental Platform

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Affordable Luxury Skiwear

On average Brits spend £1,000 on a ski holiday. This cost combined with the high-performance ski gear needed for the slopes, which can typically range between £500-£2000, is a challenge for many to afford. 

Keen skier Ernest Amoako remembers his experience of being able to upgrade his skiwear for a small cost during his post university ski season.

“I didn’t have much money at the time so I bought a cheap ski jacket which broke 2 weeks into my 5 month season. Luckily, my friend lent me his spare premium jacket, which saved my season. Not only did it have a working zip but it was stylish, warm and the waterproofing actually worked.”

Ernest Amoako, Blanqo CEO & Founder

11 years later, Ernest launched Blanqo, the premium ski wear rental platform so that others had access to quality skiwear without the excessive price tag.

Blanqo provides affordable access to luxury skiwear for men & women, offering jackets, trousers and full suits available in sizes from S – XL with prices starting from £25 (trousers, which would cost £225 to buy new.) Blanqo currently offers a selection of items from Poivre Blanc, Perfect Moment & Erin Snow, and has plans to significantly expand its brand selection next season.

“Renting ski wear is a no-brainer for skiers keen on looking and feeling good, at an affordable price, whilst doing their bit for the environment.”

Ernest Amoako, Blanqo Founder

Why Zoa?

One of Ernest’s key reasons for choosing to partner with Zoa to launch Blanqo was their specialist warehouse partner offering who use best-in-practice sustainable cleaning methods, such as using Ozone chamber technology, ensuring every rental is dispatched in good-as-new-condition, with minimal environmental impact.

I’d initially planned to do the packaging, delivery and cleaning myself from my house. This would have been incredibly difficult and time consuming. So I was excited to find out that Zoa could handle the fulfilment side of things, leaving me to focus on building the brand.

Ernest Amoako, Blanqo CEO & Founder

Ernest has also praised the Zoa team for their support throughout the onboarding and setup process as well as their experienced advice for growing his rental brand.

We’ve developed a really good working relationship where instead of just agreeing to all my suggestions, they’re willing to challenge me to do things better. The Zoa team is really friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile.

Ernest Amoako, Blanqo CEO & Founder

Blanqo has given Ernest the opportunity to bring his passions for snowsports and entrepreneurship together. His focus for the future is to expand his stock range over the coming seasons, whilst still focusing solely on luxury skiwear brands.

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