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Change the world with us

We’re on a mission to disrupt the way people consume, one rental at a time. Passionate about sustainability and want to join our growing team? Check out our open roles below.

What we do and why

We are on a mission to disrupt the way the world consumes

Whether it’s through Hirestreet or Zoa Rental, we want to make circular commerce the norm and we need passionate, driven people to join our team and make it a reality.

Our diverse team of Zoanauts make it possible for brands and consumers to enter the world of rental by lowering the technical and operational barriers and providing expertise to help the circular economy to thrive.


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Our values

Our core behaviours and values

We see every day as an opportunity to strive to be better, better for our clients, better for our colleagues, but most of all, better for ourselves. We have 6 key values.

We are passionate

We’re passionate about what we do and the role we play as individuals to build something great.

We’re passionate about sustainability, and helping consumers and brands access circular commerce - to reduce the carbon footprint, and help to save the planet.

We’re passionate about the need for and value of the circular economy.

We act with integrity

We communicate honestly, openly, frequently and genuinely.

We are open to new ideas and perspectives.

Our values, morals and mission guide how we act towards our unified vision.

We adapt to change

We are versatile, flexible, and agile.

We bounce back fast and do not believe anything is impossible.

We are problem solvers and thrive in taking on challenges.

We are iterative.

We strive for the best

We are hard working and determined, driven, gritty, and focused.

We go above and beyond for our customers, clients and peers.

We have a positive mindset, willingness to learn and we pull our own weight.

We put people first, technology second

We invest time into our people, they invest time into our product.

Our team is important - we are team players, we’re all in this together. We’re solving a genuine human problem and value the human experience.

We value people’s opinions and experience to improve our platform.

We are sustainable

On an individual level we take personal actions to be sustainable - it’s why we’re here at Zoa!

We are building a more sustainable future for us, and our customers, including making our platform and business more sustainable.

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