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Providing the world with an alternative to ownership

Zoa is the UK’s first and only integrated rental plug-in. We partner with leading brands so that customers can access pay-per-wear models directly from their websites. We’re on a mission to change how the world consumes retail.

Our story

We are building the technology that enables the world to consume more sustainably.

Zoa enables retailers of any size to offer their customers a pay-per-wear option directly from their own website. We remove the barriers to brands delivering a rental experience that is integrated with their retail one, and make it as simple as possible for their customers.

Our plug-in technology, expertise and partnership with rental operations specialists allows our clients to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for rental, minimising the resources required to do so.

Zoa was launched in 2021, and brought to you by the team behind Hirestreet, the UK’s leading D2C fashion rental service. We have clients spanning across the retail industry, from skiwear and activewear to luxury and jewellery. 

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