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Reinventing Ownership

Pay-per-wear fashion made possible

Zoa partners with leading brands so that customers can rent directly from their websites.

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For Retailers

Launch pay-per-wear fashion on your existing website with Zoa

Introducing on-site fashion rental, directly from your product pages. Just copy and paste the Zoa code snippet onto your retail website and you’re good to go.

What we do
An image of a retailer website with the Zoa Integrated button live. Showcasing the ease of integration

For Customers

Pay-per-wear fashion from the brands you love

Sick of paying for outfits you are only going to wear once? Zoa gives you the freedom to explore and experiment with your wardrobe with our pay-per-wear solution.

How it works
Image of a customer using a mobile phone showing the Zoa Integrated button on a retailer website